About Us

Baltplast Ltd.
produces under Printtare
 trademark lacquered and lithographed metal food and candle cans and lids.

We produce small sized stamped metal tare (food cans, lids and candlecans). We perform lacquering and printing (lithographing) of the board according to the designs provided by the client.

More about the Printtare ™ brand.

We have been providing high quality full color stain printing since 1992. We have two Crabtree 1200 series machines: Crabtree 1200 printing machine and Crabtree Model F varnishing machine. Both machines have 34-meter Wellmann drying ovens. In addition to the varnish and printing department, we also have a container division, where boxes and lids for canned fish and meat are used, which are used by many large and small companies in European Union. We also manufacture outdoor candle cans of various sizes, which we have supplied to local and Scandinavian candle makers. We offer all these cans and lids either lacquered only or printed according to the customer’s request. Offset color printing enables high quality image and text printing on a sheet of metal, as desired by our customers.